Sliding Gate Controller For AC Motor with softstart and brake features(S-10)


This controller is a new and an improved version of G-10 controller which incorporated a softstart and braking features.

  • Trigger “Open/close” function
  • Optional Trigger “Close only” function
  • Remote control feature
  • Safety Auto-close function after 10-60s delay (jumper selectable and time is hard programmed)
  • Anti-damage protection: Adjustable sensitivity for Open and Close force control
  • Safety auto-reverse& auto-Stop function
  • Optional Safety Photobeam function
  • New Softstart function
  • New Brake function
  • 1 speed only
  • Pillar lamp lighting feature with delay or follow mode
  • Limit switch NO/NC settings (jumper selectable)
  • LED signals for gate action & position indication
  • Prevent motor overheating-Cut off motor drive after a continuous operation(timer 90s max)
  • Motor Release key
  • Medium weight Gate drives


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