3-Phase AC Motor Sliding Gate Controller

COS-3R control panel is used in 3-phase power applications and it is designed with phase missing detection to prevent motor by overheated. Although it can also be used on a single phase motor application, it is most suited to be used for a 3-phase application. Two external contactors are needed for 3-phase application. The panel also incorporated with additional safety feature such as a high-amp sensor cut-off device whereby if a high-amp situation is sensed, the 3-phase motor will be stopped

  • It utilizes 3 push buttons for open, close and stop control
  • Remote control feature
  • Motor overheated safety feature – Prevent motor overheating, cut off motor drive if a motor is jammed for the duration of 15secs
  • Safety photo beam function – auto-reverse & auto-Stop during obstruction
  • Motor operating in one speed only, courtesy with soft start/ soft stop feature
  • Pillar lamp lighting / AC fan usage – programmed with 3 minutes operations only
  • Limit switch NO/NC settings (jumper selectable)
  • Motor clutch release key
  • Safety Photobeam function
  • Pillar lamp lighting feature with build-in photo sensor

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