Barrier Gate Controller For DC Motor(B1-12/24V)

B1 is designed specifically for use in barrier gate applications. It incorporates loop detector input and functions for auto-close and boom crash protection. It can be used with micro-switch or photobeam device for limit position detection. With 2nd speed.

  • Trigger Open/close function
  • Remote control feature
  • Anti-jam protection: Adjustable sensitivity for Open and Close force control
  • Safety Photobeam function
  • 2nd speed feature (low speed)
  • Back-up 12/24V Battery for DC Drive
  • Limit switch NO/NC settings (jumper selectable)
  • Motor Release key
  • Loop detector features
  • Reduce the boom crashing impact – Barrier’s Arm will “swing out” when accidentally hit directly by the vehicle
  • Built-in Cooling Fan
  • DC motor drive

Heavy-duty design for 24-hours continuous application

Gear plate mechanical design to ensure consistent and a smooth performance of arm operations

Barrier arm can be left or right orientated by easy refitting

Auto closing function is selectable with instant or delay closing

Safety auto-reverse feature to prevent crashing of barrier’s arm onto the “on-loop” vehicle*

Low speed set by open or close micro-switch(photo-sensor) for cushioning effect

Multiple push button for Open, Close and Open/Stop/Close function

Simple interface with proximity card and loop detector application

Articulated or folding arm available for limited height application

Most of the accessories and spare parts are common items

Barrier arm can be manually lifted via a clutch-release key

Weather-resistant coating against hostile environments

Aluminium hollow arm available for 2 to 6 meter length

Control panel with built-in 12/24V battery backup (optional)

DC motor Drive

*Notes: the feature will only work together with the presence of the loop detector system

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